Shadows in perspective

I have added an additional section to the 'How to...' page, showing a method for constructing shadows in perspective, or sciagraphical perspective, both in sunlight and for an artificial light source.

The illustrations come from Richard Brown's 'Principles of Practical Perspective' of 1815. Brown, who described himself as an architect and professor of perspective, dedicated his treatise to John Soane. The book contained 51 plates and was originally priced at two guineas.

"To enter into any laboured encomiums on the importance of Perspective, and the use of painting would be needless.  The absolute necessity of an intimate acquaintance with its principles and its practice, in order to arrive at excellence, or even mediocrity in the imitative arts, is now universally felt and acknowledged.  A practical treatise on Perspective and Painting needs, therefore, no apology."

(image copyright © Russell Light)

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