Framing a view

The Art of Yorkshire garden at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show celebrates the work of a number of artists who were either born in the county or who have been inspired by its landscape. David Hockney is represented through a giant iPad on an easel which frames views of the garden, acknowledging the continuing significance of the notion of the picture plane or perspective window.  The illusion of a painted surface is enhanced by the cut-away easel.

(photo copyright © Russell Light)

Hockney has extensively explored the use of optical devices such as the camera lucida in the history of art. His recent exhibitions have featured digital art on iPads made using the app Brushes.

The garden, which also features Barbara Hepworth's 'Ascending Form', won a Silver Medal at the show.

A 3 part film with an interview with the designer, Kate Dundas, is available on the Guardian website.


D Hockney (2001) - 'Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters', Thames and Hudson. Amazon link

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