2D/3D chairs at Issey Miyake

Yoichi Yamamoto's project for an Issey Miyake store in Tokyo mixes real chair backs with painted anamorphic images to create an illusionary window display on which garments can be placed. The project, which is called 2D/3D chairs, makes effective use of a small space and uses simple means to create a powerful illusionary perspective.

Yoichi Yamamoto describes the illusion and the intention behind it...

"If you look at the installation from one point in front of the shop window, the back of the chairs, which are three-dimensional objects, and the legs of the chairs, which are two-dimensional drawings, meet and create a single figure".

"We expressed Issey Miyake’s “from 2D cloth to 3D dress” philosophy in our installation".

Photo taken from the correct perspective viewpoint

A different view that reveals the illusion

Plan, showing painted 2D surface and viewpoint

Section, showing viewpoint and 3D chair backs

Diagram, indicating the perspective construction underlying the illusion

(all images copyright © Yoichi Yamamoto)

Other design ideas for the Issey Miyake store included anamorphic proposals for a 2D/3D city and 2D/3D vases.

Additional images of the project are featured in Dezeen and Designboom. Further work by Yoichi Yamamoto can be found on his website.

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