Gallery of perspective drawings

This year there has been a very strong standard of drawings at the School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield, including many good perspective drawings. A selection of the best are shown here...

Claire Burnham - Centre for International Students, BA, Year 2, Marcus Humphrey-Gaskin Prize

Corina Angheloiu - Hotel for the Disillusioned, BA, Year 3

Joseph Dimery - Mushroom Farm, BA, Year 3

Michael Horswill - Airship Transport Terminal, BA, Year 3

Holly Lang - Honeybee Conservation Centre, BA, Year 3, Stephen Welsh Prize in Draughtsmanship

Wenhao Sun - Street Island - Local Life, MAAD course

Ruizhao Zhang - The Street/Border, MAAD course

Dan Hall - Castlegate Market Silver Service Tea House, MArch, Year 5

Marianne Howard - Reclamation/Revaluation Centre, MArch, Year 5

Tim Butcher - Open Wharf-Fair, MArch, Year 6

Philip Etchells - Repairing Utopia, MArch, Year 6, Dr Brian Wragg Prize in Architectural Draughtsmanship

Tom Hudson - Re Collections of Berlin, MArch, Year 6, Stephen Welsh Prize in Architecture

Toby Knipping - Repurposing Ruin, MArch, Year 6

Jonathan Millard - An Atlas of Erasure, MArch, Year 6, Stephen Welsh Prize in Draughtsmanship

Dean O'Brien - Residential/Art Space, MArch, Year 6

Jonathan Shaw - Comknow Collective Archives, MArch, Year 6

Tatiana Vela Jara - Archive of Lost Objects, MArch, Year 6

(all images © University of Sheffield)

A wide range of additional work can be seen in the summer exhibition that is showing in the School at the Crookesmoor Building until 22. July from 9-5, Monday to Friday.

A comprehensive catalogue is also available. This can be purchased from the School office or ordered online.

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